An Immersive Experience & Roaring 20’s Party

Orlando's Eve is an immersive adventure through the historic streets of Downtown Orlando, highlighted by an interactive theater experience that culminates in a roaring 1920’s party at a secret speakeasy. The evening features live music, food and drink, as well as burlesque and vaudeville performances.


Orlando’s Eve and the interactive performances are being directed by Christian Kelty of the award winning interactive show and longtime Orlando staple Joe’s NYC Bar. Live music and dancing with Brown Bag Brass Band ’s Sweet & Hot Roaring 20's band. Plus a very special performance by Tymisha Harris ( from award winning Josephine ) will round out the evening.

The evening will begin at The Orange County Regional History Center. VIP Ticket Holders can come early to explore the center, because admission is included in your ticket price! The History Center will be closed to the public, so this is the perfect opportunity to step inside and explore during our private event.

After you are done exploring, join us in the Atrium for a cocktail while you check-in and pick up your map which will be your guide to the fun evening ahead of you!

On the map you will discover several locations you will need to find and explore. None of the locations will be revealed in advance - you must register and pick up a map to find out where this evening will take you!

When you arrive at your first location, there will be someone from Orlando’s past there who you will need to find and interact with. You will need to find a way to get this person to give you the clue that you need to move on to your next stop.

After you have visited all of the locations you will have all of the clues you need to make your way to the Roaring 20’s Party! Come prepared with the secret password to enter this speakeasy-style private event. With the music from the roaring 20’s band, flappers dancing, and drinks flowing - be prepared to have your best night yet! There is also a lot of food included as well as a cash bar. This is a night you don’t want to miss!

Regular Admission $75

General Admission Includes:

  • Admission to Orlando History Center starting at 6pm

  • The Interactive History Experience and Adventure

  • One complimentary cocktail at Secret Stop #1

  • A roaring 1920’s Party including: Live music from The Brown Bag Brass Band , a Buffet

  • Dinner and one complimentary cocktail.

  • 1920’s Themed Photobooth

VIP Admission $95

Includes General Admission inclusions, PLUS:

  • 5pm Early Access and Entry to History Center

  • Private VIP lounge with private bar at the 20’s party

  • Unlimited drinks at the party (while supplies last)

  • VIP gift bag filled with all kinds of surprises!


Eve Bacon — 1928

Eve Bacon — 1928

I am fascinated by Orlando history. I soak it up like a sponge and love learning as much as I can about our treasured past. I have a large collection of books I have found over the years, and almost daily I am looking through them to learn more about a certain topic, follow a trail I have become interested in, or discover more about a building I have walked past. I have fallen in love with so many people and stories that are long gone. One of the people I am fascinated with is Eve Bacon. I consider her the premier source for Orlando history. She has authored some of the best collected works of our Orlando history, and for that I am forever grateful.

I want to celebrate Eve and the contribution she has given to Orlando-lovers like myself. So I give you — Orlando’s Eve. The first annual event celebrating Eve Bacon, and those of us who love Orlando history as much as she did.

Here’s to you, Eve!



Has anyone ever asked you what you would pick for a super power if you could have one?

If I could have one, it would be to time travel. The more I learn about Orlando history, the more and more I long to visit those days gone by. To step into one of the old photographs I have discovered, and see the streets, buildings and people I have become so familiar with seems magical - yet its all so far away.



On November 16th I’m making my dream a reality! Join me as we step back into 1920s Orlando, with our first annual Orlando’s Eve.

This evening is an interactive history experience, with food, drinks, a roaring 20’s band, dancing, flappers, clues, secret passwords, mysteries, history, and even meet some of Orlando’s historical figures.

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A portion of the proceeds from Orlando’s Eve are going to the Avrio Foundation.

Avrio Foundation is inspired by Downtown Orlando Partnership. It’s a call to action and an opportunity to fuse leaders, dreamers, creators, and community activators to amplify the vibrancy of our downtown.

Together, we will start conversations that matter, listen to the bold ideas that emerge, then convert ideas into actions because downtown Orlando’s future is ours to shape.




get your glad rags ON!

flapper costume 1.jpg

Looking for the perfect outfit for this event? Whether you are looking to rent or to buy, we have some wonderful options for you. Visit these locations for more information.

Let’s Get Swanky!

Looking for the perfect head piece to compliment your attire? Your outfit will not be complete without one, ladies!

On Sunday October 13th join us as we learn how to craft our perfect 1920’s headpiece!

We’ll have a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you can create a unique, custom headpiece that compliments your outfit. We’ll have everything from headbands, feathers, beaded embellishments, and much more!

Cost: $50 - NOW REDUCED TO $35 thanks to our liquor sponsor, Treaty Oak Distilling.

What’s included:

  • all materials to create your perfect 1920s-style headpiece

  • guided instructions

  • DRINKS! (of course)

  • fun fun fun

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Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in being a sponsor for this event, please contact us, or if you are ready to sign up, use the button below.